Your Unique Contribution

Monday mornings are enjoyable for me. I get an opportunity to sit at my computer, receive lots of information both spiritual and material about the world, and envision my week. As I sit here this morning, I’m inspired to look at the world from a slightly different perspective, and I thought I’d share it.

I’ll start by looking into the past. Have you ever played in the arena of keeping a gratitude journal or notebook, or held to a daily practice of giving thanks? You’ll know the feelings of satisfaction, contentment, and/or joy that such practices bring, by providing a space to align with the soft, clear, gentle flow of gratitude as an energy. My experience with such practices has been rewarding in that it makes the recognition of being grateful such a part of daily life.

So let’s consider this practice, from a minor shift of perspective, while invoking a small variation in the approach. What would it be like to have a practice of “making your unique contribution to the world?” What could it look like to keep a contributions journal? What thoughts, words, and deeds might be part of a practice of making a conscious contribution of joy, happiness, empowerment, upliftment, assistance, even gratitude?

Evening peace

For myself, I can envision a quiet space in the evening, at the close of the day, where I sit in contemplation of what has unfolded. I have a sense of noticing the instances in the day where what I said or did represented a genuine expression of my unique gifts for the world, and made a positive contribution to someone or to many. The words are gentle and kind, and the acts are thoughtful and authentic.

Furthermore, I can envision holding the experiences quietly within my awareness and then letting them go into the world, with a sense of each one continuing to touch people in a loving manner.

And, as with a gratitude journal, it seems as though such a practice supports me in gaining a more conscious awareness of the opportunity to contribute to the uplifting energies of the world on a regular basis throughout the day. Many spiritual practices speak of endowing each thought, word, and action with grace and reverence. Such is the nature of the contribution practice I’m considering.

I notice this concept fills me with enthusiasm and feels heart-warming. I look forward to seeing its benefits unfold in my life and for those around me.

With gratitude for the contribution you are making, in reading and receiving this communication!

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  • Deborah Burger

    Do you know the Dar Williams song Echoes? This post reminds me of that.

  • Quantum Wellbeing

    Thank you, Deborah, for pointing out Dar Williams to me. I wasn’t aware of her music until you mentioned her. What lovely music she creates!

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